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Spiral-Sliced, Honey Glazed Ham

Our luscious, fully cooked Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams are hickory smoked, spiral sliced and baked with a thick and rich honey & spice glaze - a table-ready, gourmet ham that makes any occasion truly special. Logan Farms has one of the leanest (90% fat free), low-salt, smoked hams on the market today! We select only the finest hams, then carefully trim and slowly dry cure them with a special low-salt (30% less salt) recipe. Each ham is then spiral-sliced around the bone to give you ready-to-serve, uniform slices. The finishing touch? Our own mouth-watering recipe of honey & spices, baked to a hard candy shell over the top of the ham. Sold in half and whole ham sizes, best served at room temperature.


Spiral-Sliced, Honey Glazed Boneless Ham

The Boneless ham is a boneless, spiral-sliced, honey glazed ham that is smoked. It is spiral-sliced in the same patented process of the boneless turkey breast - retaining a solid core of meat through the center that holds the ham together. The product is leaner than the traditional Bone-in ham - 98% Fat Free.

Approximately 3 lbs. (9 dinner servings)


Boneless, Honey Glazed Turkey Breast

Logan Farms is proud to announce an ALL NEW turkey breast to its gourmet meat line. Our new turkey breasts are the natural breasts of tender young turkeys. We pre-slice these turkey breasts for a beautiful presentation at the dinner table. Oven roasting our turkey breasts to perfection and then topping them with the same crunchy, mouth-watering glaze as our ham is the final step in preparation. At 98% fat free and also low in salt, this fully cooked gourmet meat is an obvious choice for the health conscious consumer who does not want to sacrifice taste. Best served at room temperature.

Approximately 2 lbs. (6 dinner servings)